• ALIAS – ALIAS makes GDPR programmable
    • Checkpipe Charlie – Checkpipe Charlie is a tool for describing and validating data
    • Digital Immunization Passport – Human-centric Vaccination & Immunization Management using Verifiable Credentials
    • Domi – SSI-based digital passport to facilitate data portability in the housing rental sector
    • DPella – Data analyses with privacy in mind
    • IDADEV-P2P – Interoperable Data Portability Support for Developing Privacy-Aware P2P Applications
    • Open Provenance Knowledge Graph (OpenPKG) – OpenPKG is a decentralised data provenance system for improved governance and portability of personal data
    • OpenXPort – Open export of data across different systems and providers
    • ORATORIO – Energy data exchange platform
    • PROV4ITDATA – Provenance-aware Querying and Generation for Interoperable and Transparent Data Transfer
    • UI-Transfer – A Complete Solution for the “User Initiated Inter-Controller and Continuous Data Transfer” Pattern
    • CoCEM – Confidential Computing Enclaves for the Masses
    • CryptPad – Collaboration suite, end-to-end encrypted and open-source
    • DASI Breaker – DAta SIlos Breaker: A Semantic Open Interoperability Solution to Break Down Data Silos
    • EPPD – Delta Chat E-mail Provider Portability Directory
    • fedeproxy – Contribute to all Free Software from the comfort of your forge
    • iDISS – Improving Data Interoperability by bridging Standards using human-centric Semantics
    • Maemo Leste – A free and open source mobile experience
    • – Personal energy data service portability and innovation platform
    • Orvium – Open access publishing platform
    • PDS migrator – Move/copy data between Solid pods and leave breadcrumbs
    • postmarketOS – An alternative phone operating system based on Linux, which aims to give people back control of their existing smartphones by focusing on privacy, security, and sustainability
    • Rulebook – Human-centric Legal Infrastructure for Data Portability
    • SCoP – Secure-by-design Communication Protocols
    • TDIP – Telematics Data Interoperability Platform
    • XMPP Account Portability – Improving access and portability of XMPP accounts between providers
    • Based – A next generation scalable real time graph data platform
    • BDI – Biometric Data Interchange
    • CLISK – CLISK aims at developing an open-source personal robot system to easily retrieve your data, on your request, on your device
    • Content Libraries and Editing – Enabling novel reuse of online learning content
    • DACAPEDA – Allow organizations to process personal data without having to access or collect it on their systems based on the user’s consent through the “Data Cage”
    • Discourse Events Integration Plugin (DEIP) – A working calendar event data model backing an open-source plugin integrating calendar event hosting services with Discourse
    • DYBLI – Collaborative Offline-first Software Framework
    • DiDaPOSC – Diabetes Data Portability through Open-Source Components
    • End-to-End Encryption for /e/ – This project will research and implement end-to-end encryption for the /e/ cloud, so that data migration and data sharing become more secure for our users
    • Solidground – Federated service platform for domain driven application development
    • Interoperability improvements to LibreOffice Technology & Collabora Online – Development of a selection of missing interoperability features in LibreOffice Technology & Collabora Online
    • LiberaForms – Free form software
    • MULTIVERSE – WeKan multiple Import/Export/Sync to UI Designer
    • OKH P&I – Open Know-How data standard for Portability & Interoperability
    • Open Provisioning Framework (OPF) – Analysis and standardization of user provisioning for email and groupware systems and services
    • Place: the open personal knowledge server – An open source personal knowledge server, powered by Atomic Data
    • Profibit: make your data profitable – Generating profit from Semantically enabled Control and Portability of Personal Data
    • SelectShare – Selective IoT data sharing
    • Self-aware data security for digital data sovereignty – An open source solution to enable data sovereignty by introducing data privacy and security policy portability and prototyping distributed data privacy and security policy management
    • SSIDDI – Self-Sovereign Identity Description, Discovery and Interoperability



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