About the project

Project Name: Maemo Leste

A free and open source mobile experience.

Team: Ivan Jelincic and Merlijn Wajer

Maemo Leste aims to provide a free and open source “Maemo” experience on mobile phones and tablets. It is an effort to create a true FOSS mobile operating system for the FOSS community. Maemo Leste is based on GNU/Linux. The operating system itself takes much of its design and core components from the Nokia-developed Maemo Fremantle, while replacing any closed source software with open source software.

Website: maemo-leste.github.io

Achievements from the first phase of the DAPSI programme



    Ivan Jelincic

    Ivan is a free software developer and advocate and a co-founder of Maemo Leste

      Merlijn Wajer

      Merlijn is a free software enthusiast and developer, co-founder of Maemo Leste and works for the Internet Archive

      Maemo Leste