About the project

Project Name: Profibit – make your data profitable

Generating profit from Semantically enabled Control and Portability of Personal Data.

Team: Vassilis Papataxiarhis, Michael Loukeris,  Dimitris Katris, Marilena Athanasiou and Panagiotis Papadatos

Profibit aims to fill the existing gap in the market of collecting and managing personal data by athletic portals/apps and services implementing the intermediate software layer as well as the connectors/mappers that are needed to satisfy the requirements imposed by the EU General Data Protection Regulation and, in particular, Article 20 “Right to data portability”.

Currently, individuals that provide personal data to services, websites or even applications (i.e., data controllers) are not able to obtain such data in an easy and structured way or re-use it across different platforms. Profibit will develop, test and validate a semantic interoperability framework along with a set of tools that will support the right to data portability allowing users to control, transfer or even sell their data by monetising and get out economic profit from it.


Achievements from the first phase of the DAPSI programme

In the first phase of the DAPSI programme

Achievements from the second phase of the DAPSI programme




The DAPSI programme


    Vassilis Papataxiarhis

    Project manager of Intellia ICT responsible for administrative and financial management

      Michael Loukeris

      Innovation manager responsible for the business model development

        Dimitris Katris

        Architect and Data Analyst, semantic models and APIs for data interoperability

          Marilena Athanasiou

          Responsible for the data management plan, ensure compliance with GDPR

            Panagiotis Papadatos

            Full-stack developer, connection with external services


                  INTELLIA Information and Telecommunication Systems Private Company
                  Data-driven technological SME specialised on AI/ML solutions.


                  Profibit – make your data profitable