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Project Name: OKH P&I : Open Know-How data standard for Portability & Interoperability

Enabling Design Portability – Owning your own work, no matter where you publish: portability and interoperability of hardware designs through new Open Know-How standards and tools.

Team: Lukas Schattenhofer, Andrew Lamb, Max Wardech, Barbara Schack and Robin Vobruba

By researching and implementing the next version of the Open Know How Standard we set the basis for data portability for makers and engineers of Open-Source Hardware.

Hardware design data is vital in the livelihoods of ‘makers’. It is an expression of their hard work, skill and expertise; it is their “creative work”. Open Hardware is itself an innovation priority of H2020. But these livelihoods and this whole area of innovation are at risk. The challenge is in the portability of hardware design data: portability is not seen to be in the interest of any online hardware platforms since it makes it easy for their users to move. This harms makers and their livelihoods by stifling creativity and collaboration, slows progress (including of the platforms themselves) and can mean reduced public access to hardware that could change, improve and even save lives.

Our idea solves this challenge in a way that will both free people from platform lock-in, terms & conditions changes and extractive high fees, and that is actually attractive and adds value to online hardware platforms. In short, it mobilises highly-desirable interoperability to enable less-desirable portability on online hardware platforms.

Open-Source Ecology Germany e.V. and members of the Internet of Production Alliance will research and develop new open standards for hardware design data. We will build on the proven Open Know-How standard for the discoverability of hardware designs. The team will also research uses of online hardware platforms, investigate new options for decentralised data storage and develop two tools for interoperability and portability.

Makers will be able to publish their creative work across many platforms at once, share their work with wider audiences, easily keep their designs up to date, build on each other’s work and contributions and secure their livelihoods and work, forever.

Website: https://www.internetofproduction.org/

Achievements from the first phase of the DAPSI programme

In the first phase of the DAPSI programme

Achievements from the second phase of the DAPSI programme




The DAPSI programme


    Lukas Schattenhofer

    Board member of Open-Source Ecology. Is leading a project on Community Reviews of Open-Source Hardware according to DIN Spec 3105. Part of the Open-Source Hardware Documentation standard & Review processes.

      Andrew Lamb

      Chair and co-founder of the IOPA, Innovation Advisor for Field Ready. Former CEO and co-founder of Engineers Without Borders. A Shuttleworth fellow focusing on open approaches to Massive Small Manufacturing – the concept of complementing innovative local manufacturing with traditional global manufacturing.

        Max Wardech

        The technical coordinator of the IOPA and founder of Open Connective Ltd.. A member of the Creative Commons Global Network and leading its Working Group on AI, and a contributor to a number of open knowledge projects and platforms.

          Barbara Schack

          Coordinator of the IOPA. Lead the innovation portfolio at Libraries without Borders, heading teams developing MVPs for offline access to internet-based content. Polyglot, facilitator, Human-centred design specialist.

            Robin Vobruba

            A Software Architect and Developer working on advancing the OKH standard with the Fraunhofer IPK, including tools development for mapping between formats. He also works on OSH metadata aggregation tools for FabCity Hamburg.


                  Open Source Ecology Germany e.V.
                  Promoting and supporting Open Source Hardware.


                  Open Connective Ltd
                  Connecting Contributors to the Knowledge Commons.


                  Internet of Production Alliance
                  The Internet of Production Alliance brings together people from around the world to build open infrastructures enabling anyone, everywhere to participate in production.


                  OKH P&I : Open Know-How data standard for Portability & Interoperability