About the project

Project Name: DACAPEDA

Allow organizations to process personal data without having to access or collect it on their systems based on the user’s consent through the “Data Cage”.

Team: Quentin Felice, Frederic Lebeau, Philipphe Duchesne, Loic Quertenmont and Justin Sirjacques

Our goal with the Data Cage is to allow service providers (data processors) to combine personal (behavioural) data with companies’ product data and get answers to extract consumers behaviors without having to copy and store personal data of the data subject. In practice, the Data Cage loads personal data for the duration of the processing requested by the service provider in a privacy preserving processing environment and ensures integrity and confidentiality of personal data and algorithms of the service provider during processing.

The Data Cage enforces privacy and makes sure that service providers can not get personal data out of its enclave (except if it has been consented by the end user). Only the derived data can be extracted from the data cage after the execution of the algorithm. Through a developer portal and a data workbench, the service provider is given the right  interface to manage its Data cage. This provides the main following functionalities: create and manage “apps”, create and manage consent receipts, visualise dashboard on data processing activities, test and deploy algorithms to run on the Data Cage. Confidential computing ensures that no one can access personal data (personal data remains encrypted at rest, in transit and in process). Only the derived data are shared in the digital channels of the service providers.

This is a technical enabler for a distributed data economy without centralised processing of data. The Data Cage guarantees end-to-end confidentiality and integrity of personal data and the algorithm published by a third party for the processing of this data. The Data Cage also ensures that the algorithms processed on the Datavillage platform are trusted and that the derived data generated by them are high quality outputs.


Achievements from the first phase of the DAPSI programme

In the first phase of the DAPSI programme

Achievements from the second phase of the DAPSI programme




The DAPSI programme


    Quentin Felice

    Tech entrepreneur with a background in open innovation in corporates and tech startups

      Frederic Lebeau

      Tech veteran with a background in enterprise architecture and cybersecurity in the financial sector

        Philipphe Duchesne

        Tech Lead with experience in software engineering and cognitive services

          Loic Quertenmont

          Data Scientist with a background in data science and research, former lead data scientist at the CERN Switzerland

            Justin Sirjacques

            Full-stack developer with experience in the automotive industry


                  Startup developping a personal data platform allowing companies to access and process personal data without having to manage it themselves.


                  Deeper Analytics
                  Data Science and engineering service company


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