About the project

Project Name: TDIP – Telematics Data Interoperability Platform

This project is dedicated to the development of an open source data interoperability platform to the telematics sector by helping to transfer drivers (end-users) telematics data from one environment to another.

Team: Balazs Szabo, Gergely Nyikos, Zoltan Szalai and Ferenc Szalai

The scope of the project is to fulfil the end-user (driver) needs with a special focus on data control, privacy and data transfer between different telematics systems. As a result of the project the time and speed of data transmission between telematics systems will be reduced, while creating an industry standard data format emphasizing data control and privacy. This platform will help to share and analyse telematics data. Konetik benefits from the project as the proposed platform allows the company to scale its electric vehicle (EV) feasibility assessment tool through cheaper and faster integration.

Website: www.konetik.com

Achievements from the first phase of the DAPSI programme

In order to use the existing standards most efficiently, we started the project with an exploration of the existing interoperability standardization efforts.

After further researching this problem in the scientific literature, we found no widely adopted industry-wide data models. Some approaches claim to improve interoperability.However, most advances in the scientific literature related to this problem are isolated cases, and are very limited in their scope, only working for some data formats already known to the authors. This makes it difficult to reuse their solution and raises the necessity of coming up with a more universal solution that may be used by Konetik and/or other companies that provide services based on telematics data.

Telematics data companies use arbitrary formats, but tend to have information that is similar, and could be adapted to work on the same services. If we can transform a telematic dataset to be in any format, then we can make it compatible with any telematics system, regardless of its format. The necessary condition is it must contain the necessary information.

TelematicZap solution allows users to share and control the access of services to their telematics data, irrelevant of the data format. In the next sections, we’ll explain the motivation behind it, and how we managed to achieve it.

You can experiment with our prototype by setting up the following GitHub repository locally: github.com/iotlabsltd/telematiczap, or simply take a look at our 2 min demo video instead.

The live version also provides the following features:

– An authentication system for accessing the dashboard and submitting data

– An open specification of the API and data models (telematiczap.uc.r.appspot.com/api/)

– An endpoint for registering OAuth 2.0 client applications (telematiczap.uc.r.appspot.com/o/applications/)



During the phase 1 of DAPSI we had the opportunity to research into the existing standards, validate the need with potential customers and do the prototyping of a tool that helps to transfer telematics data from one environment to another. We received valuable trainings, coaching and insightful feedback from mentors and advisors.

Balazs Szabo


    Balazs Szabo

    8 years expertise in telematics, e-mobility in multiple European countries (UK, Germany, Belgium). Forbes 30 under 30, CiscoIoT Champion.

      Gergely Nyikos

      20 years expertise helping companies to transform their ideas into digital products. Work experience in 3 countries at leading Digital Agencies (Isobar, Dentsu Aegis), data privacy startups (e.g.Tresorit)and financial institutions (Erste).

        Zoltan Szalai

        IT specialist, who has been working as a backend lead developer in web- and desktop projects in the past 10 years. He has relevant experience regarding modern web technologies, user experience design and LINUX system administration. He gained experience in EU projects and interoperability developments.

          Ferenc Szalai

          He is a data scientist, physicist who is passionate to build smart systems. He was working on numerous international high-performance, supercomputing, grid and cloud computing projects including standardization of Grid Information System architecture.


          Konetik Deutschland GmbH
          Konetik Deutschland GmbH
          Konetik helps to drive the e-mobility revolution with AI-driven solutions and extensive expertise in EV charging.