About the project

Project Name: CoCEM – Confidential Computing Enclaves for the Masses

Orchestrator for Confidential Computing Workload Deployment.

Team: Nicolae Paladi and Stefano Cucchiella

Cloud computing enables seamless data access across multiple devices, collaborative work and centralized data storage. However, using the cloud imposes significant limitations in terms of data confidentiality and privacy, control over geographic and jurisdictional placement of data, as well as data and service portability across cloud providers. While some of the challenges have promising solutions, these promises remain unfulfilled. CoCEM project aims to design and prototype an orchestration service for Confidential Computing workload deployment, paving the way for unprecedented user empowerment!

Website: www.canarybit.eu/project/cocem-project-ngi-dapsi/

Achievements from the first phase of the DAPSI programme



    Nicolae Paladi

    PhD in Cyber Security with focus on Cloud Security

      Stefano Cucchiella

      Cloud Solutions Architect with extensive industry experience


      CanaryBit are an independent team of specialists passionate about Cyber Security, Cloud and Confidential Computing.