About the project

Project Name: UI-Transfer

A Complete Solution for the “User Initiated Inter-Controller and Continuous Data Transfer” Pattern

Team: Tom Haegemans, Wouter Janssens, Lauro Vanderborght, Dirk De Bot, Sander Claes

This project aims to provide a complete (i.e. legally, technically and commercially sound) solution for a problem pattern that would very commonly occur when Tim Berners-Lee’s Solid specification is adopted by organisations.

Website: www.digita.ai


    Tom Haegemans

    Adjunct Professor at KU Leuven and Co-Founder of Digita

      Wouter Janssens

      Solid Expert and Co-Founder and CEO of Digita

        Lauro Vanderborght

        Project Manager and Co-Founder of Digita

          Dirk De Bot

          Privacy Expert and Member of Digita’s Advisory Board

            Sander Claes

            Solid Implementation Expert and Software Engineer at Digita


            Digita BV
            Digita is middleware that enables organisations to connect to (or set up) a Solid-based personal data (intra) web so they can easily move to a more resilient personal data infrastructure based on open standards.