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Project Name: Digital Immunization Passport

Human-centric Vaccination & Immunization Management using Verifiable Credentials

Team: Christoph Fabianek, Eduard Gringinger, Fajar Juang Ekaputra, Mathias Müller, Gabriel Unterholzer, Paul Knowles, Philippe Page, Robert Mitwicki, Meri Seistola

Currently, vaccination and immunization information are spread over different organizations like labs and hospitals as well as pharmaceutical companies together with government agencies. A patient usually only has a paper certificate that provides vaccination treatments with often difficult to read handwritten additional information. In our proposed solution we will develop an end-to-end data flow that:

– connects to various immunization information providers,

– aggregates, harmonizes, and semantically annotates the data,

– makes this data-set available in an open format accessible for Personal Data Stores (PDS), compliant to the MyData Operator guidelines,

– provide a human-centric data management platform for health information,
allows to prove immunization status through Verifiable Credentials, and

– packages selected health data for processing by 3rd parties together with a well-defined usage policy and a provenance trail.

The main focus of this project is on Data Interoperability & Compatibility through establishing interfaces between health industry and individuals as well as pushing forward on standardized interfaces for PDSs. Additionally, we address Data Transparency (Usage Policies and Data Provenance in Semantic Containers) and Security & Privacy (by applying blockchain technology and digital watermarking on data sharing).

More information: https://www.ownyourdata.eu/en/dip/

Achievements from the first phase of the DAPSI programme

We designed and implemented digital vaccination records and data exchange in a decentralized and human-centric way. A special focus is here on business, legal and societal aspects when deploying this new technology in a multi-governance environment.

We achieved the project goal by providing a prototype for an end-to-end vaccine data portability built on three core components: Semantic Containers, OwnYourData Data Vault, and Trusted Digital Assistant – all operating within an OCA architecture for data harmonization.

A video with a short description of developed components and implemented dataflows is presented below.

The project takes part in international initiatives and is represented, for example, in the Linux Foundation Public Health

Achievements from the second phase of the DAPSI programme

During the second phase of the DAPSI programme, our focus was on stabilising the existing prototype and extending functionality to allow for more general use cases. An example is the inclusion of stepwise vaccination with booster shots and multi-user management for clinics and checkpoints. During this time, we were able to onboard two additional team members at OwnYourData and focus on Linked Data and RDF data structure. Business-wise we received a Letter of Support from both the humanitarian sector and one of the largest pharmaceutical companies.

A significant step was creating a dedicated demo system to showcase our prototype beyond the project milestones. OwnYourData looks forward to continuing our collaboration with the Human Colossus Foundation. In addition, we are delighted that a project proposal in Austria will be funded to further extend our prototype for integration with the IDunion project in Germany. The Human Colossus Foundation has introduced the DIP approach to COVID Credentials Initiative (CCI), a project hosted by Linux Foundation Public Health. Within the Good Health Pass Collaborative (GHPC), an initiative consisting of over 110 organisations, Overlays Capture Architecture (OCA) was proposed as a solution for semantic harmonisation between data models and data representation formats. Devised to enable data object interoperability and act as a catalyst for standardised credential issuance in multiple languages, OCA has been officially recommended in the GHP Interoperability Blueprint, published in June 2021 ahead of the G7 summit.



We are a cross-functional team with different backgrounds that shares the goal of developing a decentralized and human-centric solution in the current health crisis. DAPSI offered us balanced coaching sessions and a clear project plan that guided us through the five months to create a prototype that is now being actively discussed and evaluated in various communities and institutions.

Christoph Fabianek


    Christoph Fabianek

    (male) (PhD, MSc, MBA), is senior lead scientist at Frequentis and chairman of OwnYourData, a non-profit organization founded in 2015, to foster the personal use of data.

      Eduard Gringinger

      (male) (PhD, MSc, MSocEcSc, BSc) is senior lead scientist with more than 10 years of experience in the research areas of Information Management and Data Science with a business focus on safety critical domains.

        Fajar Juang Ekaputra

        (male) (PhD, MSc) is a Post-Doctoral researcher at TU Wien and opic focuses on Semantic Web Technologies for data integration and knowledge change management.

          Mathias Müller

          (male) (MSc) is a system architect and software developer with extensive experience in European start-up scene. He was CTO and co-founder of FragNebenan and Getsby.

            Gabriel Unterholzer

            (male) is a software developer with experience in web and cross-platform development and accessibility.

              Paul Knowles

              (male) (BSc) is a senior data architect with extensive experience in biostatistics and clinical data management. He is currently leading the “Tools and technology” workstream at the COVID-19 Credentials Initiative.

                Philippe Page

                (male) (PhD) is a senior COO with a long experience in international business, Trustee of the Sovrin Foundation, actively involved in societal adoption of decentralised identity.

                  Robert Mitwicki

                  (male) is a software architect and developer with extensive experience in self-sovereign identity (SSI) and user-centric data initiatives. Head of Technical Board at Human Colossus Foundation.

                    Meri Seistola

                    (female) (MA, BBA) chair of the national committee on AI in the Finnish Standards Association SFS and with passion in project development and strategic partnership.


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