About the project

Project Name: Checkpipe Charlie

Checkpipe Charlie is a tool for describing and validating data.

Team: Heeren Sharma, Jukka Huhtala, Matias Dahl, Arttu Huhtiniemi

We believe that data documentation should not only provide a human-readable description of the data, but it also should be sufficiently detailed so that a service can validate data against the description. Describing the data properly has the positive side effects that it makes the data more transparent, improves privacy and security audit possibilities. By enforcing the use of a formal data description, Checkpipe Charlie improves interoperability and transparency of data.

Achievements from the first phase of the DAPSI programme

We clarified our business vision and product with the help of DAPSI mentoring.

We were able to complete our first customer pilot. Finding the pilot was aided by DAPSI promoting our selection in the program.

The tech mentoring helped us push towards the milestones that we had agreed to achieve.


Our project benefited from the DAPSI program significantly by giving us structure, guidance and funding that pushed us to another level. We recommend participating in DAPSI to speed up your data related projects.

Arttu Huhtiniemi


    Heeren Sharma

    Heeren is an engineering manager who likes to build bridges between business and technical functions.

      Jukka Huhtala

      Jukka is a data engineer having a background in process engineering with additional studies in computer science.

        Matias Dahl

        Matias is a data scientist with a background in mathematics and software engineering

          Arttu Huhtiniemi

          Arttu is a product guy who knows his data.


          DAIN Studios
          DAIN Studios is a Data and AI Strategy consultancy based in Helsinki, Berlin and Munich.


          Checkpipe Charlie