About the project

Project Name: ALIAS

ALIAS makes GDPR programmable

Team: Mehdi Medjaoui, Francois Xavier CAO, Emmanuel Louisy Garbiel, Tibor Vass, Mehdi Djabri

ALIAS enables the next generation of applications to happen, by automating GDPR portability for applications developers.

More information: https://gdpr.dev and https://twitter.com/gdprtoken

Achievements from the first phase of the DAPSI programme

By helping 50 citizens to get back their data, we managed to check 400+ current portability legal processes and the real implementation of GDPR article 20 by main digital and brick-and-mortar companies. We summed them up a in a global report about “the state of GDPR portability” available to download here : https://www.datafunding.org/rapport#receive-report

We developed a technology based on OAuth protocol but decentralized and also augmented with GDPR contracts enabling portability to happen keeping all the GDPR context and history between the 2 entities thanks to GDPR OAuth token. Also, as the contracts are decentralily signed and verifiable, there is no lockin by design for a user who would like his data to be managed by someone else.

Code repository is accessible here : https://github.com/progressive-identity and a demo video can be seen below.

We also developed a hashing technology enabling us to be able to anonymize documents while keeping their hash, really useful when you need to anonymize documents but to keep their history of version up to date.

Finally, we are applying the technology in a project to fund public research with your personal Data, called Datafunding ( a king of Kickstarter based on GDPR Portability) soon to be released, where you can sign up to access the beta. https://www.datafunding.org/

Achievements from the second phase of the DAPSI programme

During the programme, we had some achievements. We registered a patent and registered trademarks to be sure to promote our brand and technology internationally safely.

During DAPSI, we expanded our team by 3 members and onboarded new advisors, who successfully found and sold their company in the data protection space. We also have been joined by new private Investors for 600k€ as a pre-seed investment and have joined the INRIA Startup Studio.

As part of our DAPSI programme, we made a first study getting feedback from users and companies. From these, we published an Industry publication: “GDPR portability the Forgotten right” – Report on Data portability that has been downloaded 75,000+ times so far. With our successful report on GDPR Portability, we have been invited to participate in 4 events about our research during the DAPSI programme.

Last but not least, we won more Institutional Credibility as we won the French National Research and Technology competition (organized by French Ministry Research and Higher Education) for a prize of 250k€.



Our participation of DAPSI 1st phase was a great emulation to develop a portability technology that can solve a challenging problem for the digital economy, and take bold assumptions to think differently about the problem. The workshops have helped us to refocus on the core of what we were trying to build, even if sometimes you already know it, but you need to hear it again. Also, the technical workshop helped us to see the state of the art and validate our position, to avoid naivete but also confirming our technological edge.

Mehdi Medjaoui


    Mehdi Medjaoui

    Co-founder of ALIAS, previously founder of OAuth.io an identity API (acquired) and founder of APIDays Conferences.

      Mehdi Djabri

      Entrepreneur & Product Designer, CEO of IterationX, | previously CPO at airfranceklm ’s startup studio. Head of Product and Co-founder of Jogabo

        Francois Xavier CAO

        Co-founder of ALIAs, previously founder and CEO of Datajuristes a DataProtectionOfficer-as-a-service company, and currently Phd candidate on “APIs and regulations”

          Emmanuel Louisy Garbiel

          Full stack developer and mentor at LeWagon Coding Bootcamp, previously fullstack developer at Livementor

            Tibor Vass

            Core maintainer at Docker


            Intelligence Collective
            Intelligence collective build collective intelligence solutions based on reusing existing physical and digital assets, for a circular economy.