About the project

Project Name: ALIAS

ALIAS makes GDPR programmable

Team: Mehdi Medjaoui, Francois Xavier CAO, Emmanuel Louisy Garbiel, Tibor Vass, Mehdi Djabri

ALIAS enables the next generation of applications to happen, by automating GDPR portability for applications developers.

More information: https://gdpr.dev and https://twitter.com/gdprtoken


    Mehdi Medjaoui

    Co-founder of ALIAS, previously founder of OAuth.io an identity API (acquired) and founder of APIDays Conferences.

      Mehdi Djabri

      Entrepreneur & Product Designer, CEO of IterationX, | previously CPO at airfranceklm ’s startup studio. Head of Product and Co-founder of Jogabo

        Francois Xavier CAO

        Co-founder of ALIAs, previously founder and CEO of Datajuristes a DataProtectionOfficer-as-a-service company, and currently Phd candidate on “APIs and regulations”

          Emmanuel Louisy Garbiel

          Full stack developer and mentor at LeWagon Coding Bootcamp, previously fullstack developer at Livementor

            Tibor Vass

            Core maintainer at Docker


            Intelligence Collective
            Intelligence collective build collective intelligence solutions based on reusing existing physical and digital assets, for a circular economy.