About the project

Project Name: fedeproxy

Contribute to all Free Software from the comfort of your forge.

Team: Loïc Dachary and Pierre-Louis Bonicoli

https://fedeproxy.eu/ is an online service to federate forges. The software projects hosted on one forge are synchronized in real time with their counterparts on other forges. Developers can freely use the forge of their choosing while contributing to the same project. It operates independently from the forges and serves as an incubator with rapid prototyping to research the best user experience.

Most Free Software projects are hosted on proprietary online services (called forges) that do not provide an export/import feature flexible enough to allow them to move easily (GitHub, SourceForge, etc.). Although the code repository can conveniently be moved from one service to another, other essential components such as pull or merge requests, issues, developer accounts, continuous integration, etc. cannot and the project, as a whole, is trapped.

Achievements from the first phase of the DAPSI programme



    Loïc Dachary

    Artisan Logiciel Libre

      Pierre-Louis Bonicoli

      Free Software Engineer


      Adaptive free software company.