About the project

Project Name: Delta Chat E-mail Provider Portability Directory (EPPD)

The Delta chat E-Mail Provider Portability directory project will support informed user decisions about choosing or changing an e-mail provider for use with Delta Chat, a unique e-mail based messaging approach.

Team: Holger Krekel, Henriette Signer and Bjoern Petersen

The EPPD project will research relevant criteria for comparing e-mail providers for use with Delta Chat apps. We will develop automated tests to continuously produce per-provider data. The criteria will include rate-limits for sending and receiving messages (per hour, per day, per month), limits on message size, interoperability ratings with other providers, speed of message delivery and other criteria.

Website: delta.chat

Achievements from the first phase of the DAPSI programme



    Holger Krekel

    Holger is long-term involved with Delta Chat as research & development co-ordinator.

      Henriette Signer

      Henriette joined Delta Chat efforts as technical coordinator, bringing extensive experience in international communications.

        Bjoern Petersen

        Bjoern leads mobile developments and the integration of provider-specific behaviour into all Delta Chat apps.


        merlinux GmbH
        merlinux GmbH
        merlinux is fiscal sponsor for Delta Chat developments and carries out R&D projects.