About the project

Project Name: Place: the open personal knowledge server

An open source personal knowledge server, powered by Atomic Data.

Team: Joep Meindertsma, Thom van Kalkeren, Alex Mikhalev (AKS), Polle Pas, Arthur Dingemans, Job Eijdems, Michiel van den Ingh and Marcel Jongsma

The advent of online services has made software far easier to use, but has failed to deliver a truly interoperable web. Every time developers have to link services, they are required to manually map data models and APIs, which makes interoperability inherently costly. We have invested in a new specification called Atomic Data which combines type-safety with the ease of use of JSON and the decentralised nature of RDF. We’ve also built the MIT licensed Atomic-Server that enables people to host, share and manage their own data on their own personal machine. We will use this technology to build Place.

Place will be a personal knowledge server, an open piece of software that you use to take back control over your data. It is an easy to use, performant and flexible database that is designed with interoperability and decentralisation in mind. To achieve Place we will improve upon the open technology that we’ve already built. First, we’ll make it easy for users to import data from existing services, such as bookmarks from browsers, and blogs from social media platforms. By creating open tools for other developers to create these importers, we’ll make it easy to convert data to the highly interoperable Atomic Data format. We will create an online environment where user can easily import data from external services to their Place. Finally, we’ll improve the functionality of Place, which already supports full-text search, authentication, authorization, and more.

Website: https://atomicdata.dev

Achievements from the first phase of the DAPSI programme

In the first phase of the DAPSI programme

Achievements from the second phase of the DAPSI programme




The DAPSI programme


    Joep Meindertsma

    Creator of Atomic Data who loves to work on making the web more interoperable and open.

      Thom van Kalkeren

      CTO of e-democracy platform Argu who developed various RDF libraries.

        Alex Mikhalev (AKS)

        Founder of Applied Knowledge systems who builds artificial intelligence tools.

          Polle Pas

          Front-end developer that loves to build apps that people love to use.

            Arthur Dingemans

            Full-stack ruby on rails engineer of Argu.co who made linked_rails.

              Job Eijdems

              Developer that works on the Argu.co e-democracy platform.

                Michiel van den Ingh

                Co-founder of Ontola that helps to make Place’s business model.

                  Marcel Jongsma

                  Designer and marketeer who will help maximize the reach of this project.


                  Ontola (Argu B.V.)
                  Ontola is a software company that specialises in linked data, whose mission it is to give people more control over their data.


                  Applied Knowledge Systems
                  AKS is a consultancy firm that specialises in helping clients to create intelligent systems using AI/ML.


                  Place: the open personal knowledge server