About the project

Project Name: Based

Based is a next generation scalable real time graph data platform.

Team: Jim de Beer, Youri Daamen, Tony Kovanen, Nuno Frade, Olli Vanhoja, Morten Broesby, Maarten de Winter and Alejandro Tauber

Building a digital product takes too much time with too many trade-offs. Based is a data platform that helps developers build and iterate fast with no trade-offs. A scalable real-time graph database focused on developer experience. It is an open-source solution that you can run anywhere on any cloud.


Achievements from the first phase of the DAPSI programme

In the first phase of the DAPSI programme we finalized the database by adding many optimizations and features that were already on the way, like migration to C, time-series, better query parsers, and smart indexing.

We also added the first version of the admin panel, schema editor and data editor. Additionally, the Software Development Kit that allows developers to interact with the platform was finished and released to the public.

The Command Line Interface application allows common development tasks like updating functions and schemas to be made from the terminal and through automation. We also added documentation on our public code repositories.

Achievements from the second phase of the DAPSI programme

In the second phase of the DAPSI programme there was an extensive rewrite of the communication protocol used by the client and the platform. It’s now much more efficient replacing the old JSON text-based communication with binary, compressed payloads, significantly reducing the amount of data exchanged.

We keep working on enhancements to the platform, like creating core minimal javascript and C clients, then used to make full clients and SDKs for other languages. We already have Swift, Kotlin, C++, and an isomorphic javascript client for both NodeJS and web browsers. Security features have been added and we have an ongoing security audit probing for issues before we open it to the public.

We also continue to battle test the platform in production. For example powering tally.tv, an interactive application builder/director for live broadcast events. Clients using it include EBU (Eurovision Song Festival) and RTL.

Promotional materials

Website: https://based.io

Technical materials

The database and the SDK part of the project are open-source and include their documentation. They can be explored in the following links:

Our blog has technical articles about the technology used in the database:

Tally is an interactive applications builder/director for broadcasters.
It’s a perfect use case and example of what can be built using the Based platform.



The DAPSI programme introduced me to topics I typically don’t get exposed to as a programmer. Business training and mentoring being the most useful. As a company, it allowed us to focus on developing the product instead of prematurely searching for investment and clients. 

Nuno Frade


    Jim de Beer

    CTO, core technology developer, and project manager.

      Youri Daamen

      CTO, principal architect and core technology developer.

        Tony Kovanen

        Core technology and database developer.

          Nuno Frade

          Network and security specialist.

            Olli Vanhoja

            Core technology and database developer.

              Morten Broesby

              Senior front-end engineer.

                Maarten de Winter

                Product designer.

                  Alejandro Tauber

                  Project manager.


                  Saulx BV
                  Saulx is a software company dedicated to building real-time infrastructure and applications that need to perform under extreme peak load.