About the project

Project Name: CLISK

CLISK aims at developing an open-source personal robot system to easily retrieve your data, on your request, on your device.

Team: Paul Tran-Van, Quentin Valmori, Bruno Michel, Christophe Thiriot and Joël Costa

CLISK is for Client-Side Konnectors. A konnector is a piece of software that mimic user interaction on a website to get her own data, on her behalf. Typically, an Amazon konnector retrieves all the
bills stored in the user account, while a Facebook konnector will get photos with annotations, etc.

We propose to implement the possibility to run konnectors from the client-side, i.e. directly on the user device, under her consent, without any server support. This way, all requests are legitimate and avoid common robot issues such as IP blocking, scraping protection, etc. This is no longer a third-party the user mandates to exercise her portability right, this is a local “user agent” run by the user herself, to enforce her data sovereignty.

This service should be regularly run in order to retrieve the latest data, and it should be as smooth as possible for the user, without compromising her security. Our solution includes the integration with a password manager, to end-to-end encrypt user credentials and eventually, the data itself.

Website: https://cozy.io/

Achievements from the first phase of the DAPSI programme

In the first phase of the DAPSI programme

Achievements from the second phase of the DAPSI programme




The DAPSI programme


    Paul Tran-Van

    Head of R&D at Cozy Cloud where he is in charge of turning innovative projects from conception to production.

      Quentin Valmori

      CTO of Cozy Cloud and leads the technical teams to reach the business objectives.

        Bruno Michel

        Lead developer for the backend of Cozy Cloud and has been implied in several key developments like the desktop client or security aspects.

          Christophe Thiriot

          Has 14 years of experience as a full-stack engineer and is currently the lead developer on the konnectors at Cozy Cloud.

            Joël Costa

            Lead product designer of Cozy Cloud. He is responsible for the visual identity, the design system and the user experience of the different Cozy applications.


                  Cozy Cloud
                  Cozy Cloud is a French company that develops an open-source and privacy-respectful digital home, Cozy, to empower users on their personal data.