About the project

Project Name: iDISS

Improving Data Interoperability by bridging Standards using human-centric Semantics.

Team: Edward Zimmermann, Svante Schubert and Thomas Habers

The idea of this project is to enhance data portability of standards for any structured data (XML) by providing tooling and methodology to the standardization groups – the domain experts and maintainers of existing XML standards.


Achievements from the first phase of the DAPSI programme



    Edward Zimmermann

    Edward Zimmermann’s R&D focus is over many decades on text retrieval, metadata, data mining, knowledge discovery, pattern recognition, natural language processing, and machine learning.

      Svante Schubert

      Svante Schubert is co-chair of the OASIS OpenDocument TC and EU eInvoice co-editor in CEN TC 434.

        Thomas Habers

        Thomas Harbers is the founder and CEO of Greenpost GmbH and has been professionally working in the interactive domain since 1998.


        Greenpost GmbH
        Greenpost GmbH
        Germany based company creating custom-tailored integrated media-, technology- and interactive systems.