About the project

Project Name: PDS migrator

Move/copy data between Solid pods and leave breadcrumbs.

Team: Auke van Slooten, Ben Peachey and Yvo Brevoort

Our goal is twofold, first, make data movement easy on Solid. You own your data and it should be easy to pick it up and store it elsewhere. PDS migrator aims to make it very easy to move your data between providers. Supplier lock-in should be prevented for a good SOLID ecosystem. Also making it much faster for developers to test servers and apps for interoperability.

Website: pdsinterop.org

Achievements from the first phase of the DAPSI programme



    Auke van Slooten
      Ben Peachey
        Yvo Brevoort


        PDS Interop
        PDS Interop
        Open-source, grant and sponsorship driven collaboration, intent on bringing interoperability between personal data stores to the masses.


        PDS migrator