About the project

Project Name: ORATORIO

Energy data exchange platform

Team: Jean-Baptiste Bernard, Guillaume Pilot, Filip Gluszak

The ORATORIO project plans to bring pragmatic and efficient answers to the data portability, based on the extensive experience of GridPocket team in large scale deployments of digital energy services with electric and gas utilities, as well as many years of applied research of data security, analytics, open data and human acceptance.

The ORATORIO project consists also in the development of a platform that will store different types of energy data of consumers and prosumers (consumption/production and IoT data in this prototype): consumption data, energy profiles, analytics of use, data of IoT devices, electric vehicule data.

The ORATORIO platform can be divided in two components: an energy management component to allow user data management, and a portability component to connect users with energy third-party companies and energy providers.

Website: www.gridpocket.com

Achievements from the first phase of the DAPSI programme

During the 1st phase of DAPSI, the Oratorio project, managed by GridPocket, accomplished:

  • Definition of a data portability framework for the energy sector
  • Definition of the interoperable, evolutive and secure communication protocol
  • Implementation of a prototype energy data hub
  • Implementation of a prototype use case application enabling smart electric car charging

On the commercial side, Gridpocket has signed a first commercial agreement related to the Oratorio technology.


The success of the global energy transition depends on the possibility of exchanging data between heterogeneous energy systems such as power production, utilities, service providers, smart homes, electric car charging platform and other. Filip Gluszak, CEO of GridPocket said “DAPSI provides GridPocket with access to the leading European experts in data portability, as well as to multiple resources enabling to validate specifications, implement innovative prototypes and commercialise the new energy data hub solution.”


    Jean-Baptiste Bernard

    Senior Data Scientist at GridPocket, in charge of the innovation and production projects. He has a Cognitive Science PhD in cognitive science and worked as a post-doctorate at Berkeley University, CA, USA.

      Guillaume Pilot

      head of its R&D department at GridPocketl. Guillaume was a research engineer in INRIA before to join GridPocket. He is specialised in the UX/UI implementation of energy portals and masteries open-source IoT solutions.

        Filip Gluszak

        CEO and co-founder of GridPocket. Over 20 years of market experience with innovative data service (energy, telecom, airspace) at large international companies and successful start-ups and well as research background from NEC Research Institute, NJ, USA.