Meet the round 3 innovators moving to phase 2

They say that time flies when you are having fun. And that’s exactly how we feel now that Phase 1 of the DAPSI programme has already ended for our Round 3 innovators.

The good news is that the journey is not over yet. In DAPSI we continue supporting the top-notch work that our data portability innovators are developing. How? By inviting them to participate in a second phase of the incubation programme.

After an assessment made by a panel of qualified experts, and based on milestones and results achieved, 19 teams from Round 3 have been invited to join Phase 2 of DAPSI.

Congratulations to our big winners:

  • Based – Next generation scalable real time graph data platform
  • BDI – Biometric Data Interchange
  • CLISK – An open-source personal robot system to easily retrieve your data, on your request, on your device
  • Content Libraries and Editing – Enabling novel reuse of online learning content
  • COOLINTEROP – Interoperability improvements to LibreOffice Technology & Collabora Online
  • DACAPEDA – Allow organisations to process personal data without having to access or collect it on their systems based on the user’s consent through the “Data Cage”
  • DEIP – Discourse Events Integration Plugin
  • DiDaPOSC – Diabetes Data Portability through Open-Source Components
  • DYBLI – Collaborative Offline-first Software Framework
  • 4E – End-to-End Encryption for /e/
  • Groundwork – Federated service platform for domain driven application development
  • LiberaForms – Free form software
  • MULTIVERSE – WeKan multiple Import/Export/Sync to UI Designer
  • OKH P&I – Open Know-How data standard for Portability & Interoperability
  • OPF – Open Provisioning Framework
  • Place – The open personal knowledge server
  • Profibit – Make your data profitable
  • SelectShare – Selective IoT data sharing
  • SADS4DDS – Self-aware data security for digital data sovereignty

After 5 months developing a solution related to a specific use case (Kick-Start phase), their use cases will now be fostered for 4 more months, to evolve into solid projects, to gain enough traction for deployment and get ready for the market (Booster phase).

Good work, innovators!