Meet the round 2 innovators moving to phase 2

Results are in! Are you ready to meet the innovators progressing to the second phase of DAPSI?

Last Friday (October 1st) was pitch day. Each of our round 2 teams was given the chance to impress us with the work they have been doing in the data portability field, in these first months of their DAPSI journey.

Listening to them carefully was as an experienced jury, that had a changeling mission: decide which teams presented a project successful enough for progressing to the second phase of DAPSI’s programme.

And the news are amazing: all our innovators conquered a spot at DAPSI’s phase 2!

Congratulations to our big winners:

CoCEM – Confidential Cloud Enclaves for the Masses.

CryptPad – Collaboration suite, end-to-end encrypted and open-source.

DASI Breaker – DAta SIlos Breaker: A Semantic Open Interoperability Solution to Break Down Data Silos.

EPPD – Delta Chat E-mail Provider Portability Directory.

fedeproxy – A federation proxy for software development forges.

IDISS – Improving Data Interoperability by bridging Standards using human-centric Semantics.

ML – Maemo Leste – A free and open-source mobile experience. – Personal energy data service portability and innovation platform.

Orvium – Open access publishing platform.

PDS Migrator – Move/copy data between Solid pods and leave breadcrumbs.

pmOS – Alternative phone operating system based on Linux, which aims to give people back control of their existing smartphones by focusing on privacy, security, and sustainability.

RULEBOOK – Human-centric Legal Infrastructure for Data Portability.

SCoP – Secure-by-design Communication Protocols.

TDIP – Telematics Data Interoperability Platform.

XPORTA – Improving access and portability of XMPP accounts between providers.

Their solutions will now be fostered to evolve into solid contributions to the research community, and/or into commercial solutions able to address market needs.

Well done innovators!