NGI DAPSI Final Event in Paris was a blast!

On 14th December 2022, NGI DAPSI held its Final Event in Paris – and it was a great final adventure!

On 14th December, we organised our final data portability voyage in Paris, at the Apidays conference – leading industry tech and business series of conferences in APIs and the programmable economy.


At the amazing venue of City of Science and Industry  we had our own NGI DAPSI Village which gathered all parties involved in the project throughout past three years. Of course, everyone interested in discovering new solutions to the challenges of data portability, sovereignty, transparency, compatibility and interoperability was welcome to join us and find out more about the impact NGI DAPSI had to these areas. NGI DAPSI Village was a perfect pin point for networking, exchanging impressions, learnings and plans for the future.

NGI DAPSI Final Event

After initial introductions and networking, at 14:10 CEST it was time for NGI DAPSI Final Event. All participants gathered and the event started with the warm welcome from Sara Mateo, NGI DAPSI Project coordinator. In her speech, Sara presented NGI DAPSI and emphasized its main achievements for the past three years:

  • NGI DAPSI supported 46 innovators (both teams and individuals) who designed top-notch data portability solutions.
  • More than 50% of awarded teams were new to Horizon 2020.
  • More than 60% of awarded teams were new to NGI.
  • NGI DAPSI distributed almost 5.6 million euros to the internet innovators.
  • NGI DAPSI gathered 71 third parties from ~20 countries.

Moreover, Jean-Luc Dorel, Programme Officer from NGI – The Next Generation Internet, reflected the NGI Data Portability and Services Incubator journey and welcomed all interested to join other funding opportunities available at NGI website.

After the introduction from Sara and Jean-Luc, the participants had an opportunity to hear success stories directly from top-notch teams supported by NGI DAPSI:

The pitches were inspiring and showcased that with the right support, indeed everything is possible.

The Final Event continued with the speeches from Najmeh Mousavi, Senior researcher and Project leader at  Fraunhofer EIS.IAIS & DAPSI partner who presented the main insights of NGI DAPSI, Teemu Ropponen from MyData Global and Michiel de Jong, NGI DAPSI Advisory Board Member who revealed what holds the future of Data and Services Portability.

At the end, the NGI DAPSI Final Event was closed by an interesting round table discussion about the the importance of Data Portability and APIs.

Thank you!

NGI DAPSI team is sending our thanks to everyone who joined and shared our final adventure with us!