DAPSI has supported 46 top-notch projects in the data portability field so far, selected through three open calls:

    • Open Call 1 projects (2020/2021) have finished their journeys, delivering different success stories that you can meet in the Resources area
    • Open Call 2 projects (2021/2022) have finished their journeys, delivering different success stories that are being presented in the Resources area.
    • Open Call 3 projects (2022) are currently in the first phase of the programme, developing a proof-of-concept related to their proposed solution, with coaching support.

Click on the projects displayed below to learn more about these innovative solutions, the teams behind them and their main achievements.


Based is a next generation scalable real time graph data platform.


Biometric Data Interchange.


CLISK aims at developing an open-source personal robot system to easily retrieve your data, on your request, on your device.

Content Libraries and Editing

Enabling novel reuse of online learning content.


Allow organizations to process personal data without having to access or collect it on their systems based on the user’s consent through the “Data Cage”.

DEIP: Discourse Events Integration Plugin

Discourse Events Integration Plugin.

DiDaPOSC: Diabetes Data Portability through Open-Source Components

Technical implementation of diabetes data sharing and interoperability.


Collaborative Offline-first Software Framework.

End-to-End Encryption for /e/

Project will research and implement end-to-end encryption for the /e/ cloud, so that data migration and data sharing become more secure for users.


Federated service platform for domain driven application development.

Interoperability improvements to LibreOffice Technology & Collabora Online

Development of a selection of missing interoperability features in LibreOffice Technology & Collabora Online.


Free form software.


WeKan multiple Import/Export/Sync to UI Designer.

OKH P&I : Open Know-How data standard for Portability & Interoperability

Portability and interoperability of hardware designs through new Open Know-How standards and tools.

OPF: Open Provisioning Framework

Analysis and standardization of user provisioning for email and groupware systems and services.

Place: the open personal knowledge server

An open source personal knowledge server, powered by Atomic Data.

Profibit – make your data profitable

Generating profit from Semantically enabled Control and Portability of Personal Data.


Selective IoT data sharing.

Self-aware data security for digital data sovereignty

Self-aware data security for digital data sovereignty.


Self-Sovereign Identity Description, Discovery and Interoperability.