DAPSI final event at Apidays Paris – our final data portability adventure!

After three years of this exciting data portability voyage, the NGI DAPSI project is about to come to an end. Therefore, with mixed emotions of happiness, sadness and prudence, we are announcing the DAPSI FINAL EVENT, which will take place from 14th to 16th of December in Paris, at the Apidays conference. About the event Apidays in Paris is the in-person and virtual conference that will assemble more than 3000 attendees, 650 companies and 200 speakers on more than 100 sessions about society, software, sustainability, sovereignty and data portability.  As a part of this major conference, the DAPSI FINAL EVENT will gather members of the DAPSI community as well as innovators that have participated in one of the three cohorts of the Programme to exchange their experiences, best practices and knowledge with other data portability enthusiasts.  With a lot of exciting talks, networking moments and sharing of the milestones achieved during the past three years, we will celebrate collaborations and top-notch solutions created as the result of the NGI DAPSI Programme.  Agenda - 14th December 14:50-15:00  Welcome, Introduction and main achievements in DAPSI Sara Mateo – Zabala Innovation Consulting - Project coordinator 15:00-15:10   A word from The Next Generation Internet Initiative (remote)  Jean-Luc Dorel - Next-Generation Internet - Programme Officer  15:10-16:00  Success cases supported by DAPSI CLISK (Benjamin André) Orvium (Jonathan Heppner) DYBLI (Normand Overney) DPella (Alejandro Russo)  DASI BREAKER (Luca Roffia) IDISS Exo (Edward C. Zimmermann) DACAPEDA (Frederic Lebeau) Q&A for all teams 16:00-16:15  DAPSI main insights gained Najmehsadat Mousavinezhad - Senior researcher and Project leader at  Fraunhofer EIS.IAIS & DAPSI partner 16:15-16:30  The future of Data and Services Portability Michiel de Jong – Founder at Ponder Source 16:30-16:45  The Data Portability Community *Representative from MyData Global *to be confirmed 16:45-17:30  Round table discussion: The importance of Data Portability and APIs Moderator (Michiel de Jong, Founder at Ponder Source) - Shelby Switzer, Expert in APIs - Mónica Posada, JRC for DG Connect - Matthias De Bièvre...

DAPSI final event #3 is presenting 19 innovative data portability solutions!

Interested in catching up with the latest innovative contributions in the area of data portability? We are very excited to announce the showcase of the DAPSI Round 3 Projects that will take place on October 18th 2022 from 9:30 AM to 5 PM CEST, in Paris at Cap Digital and online! About the event The DAPSI final event #3 is hosted by Cap Digital and its partners – Zabala, F6S, IMT Starter, Fraunhofer IAIS and Engineering. The event will display 19 cutting-edge solutions to the challenges of data portability by the 3rd cohort of the DAPSI incubator! Along with them, top-tier research and development actors will retrace the major issues and introduce new perspectives on data portability through roundtable discussion and keynote.  Meet the innovators The event will be opened by Jean-Luc Dorel, NGI Programme Officer at the European Commission. After the warm welcome, 19 winning DAPSI projects from the 3rd cohort will present their innovative solutions.  OKH-P&I: Enabling Design Portability – Owning your own work, no matter where you publish: portability and interoperability of hardware designs through new Open Know-How standards and tools. DACAPEDA: Allow organizations to process personal data without having to access or collect it on their systems based on the user’s consent through the “Data Cage”. DYBLI: Collaborative Offline-first Software Framework. Self-Aware Data Security for Digital Data Sovereignty (SADS4DDS): An open-source solution to enable data sovereignty by introducing data privacy and security policy portability and prototyping distributed data privacy and security policy management. SelectShare: Selective IoT data sharing. End-to-End Encryption for /e/: This project will research and implement end-to-end encryption for the /e/ cloud, so that data migration and data sharing become more secure for our users. Content Libraries & Editing: Enabling novel reuse of online learning content. BDI: Biometric Data Interchange. BASED: Based is a next generation scalable...

Webinar: Data privacy – a practical approach for the concepts and principles of the GDPR

NGI TETRA and DAPSI are bringing you the webinar "Data privacy - a practical approach for the concepts and principles of the GDPR"! The session will take place on Wednesday, the 19th of January at 10:00AM. During this interactive webinar, we will include essential theory regarding data privacy, more particularly the concepts and principles of the GDPR. Accompanied with these concepts and principles, we will also link the theory to our experiences and practical best practices. Furthermore, there will be room for Questions & Answers where we will answer any data privacy questions the attendees might have. Speakers Philippe Martens LL.M has been working as a data privacy professional at DPO Consultancy since April 2021. He completed a master in Business Law and a master in Law & Technology at Tilburg University. Philippe has assumed the role of DPO or privacy officer at several clients of DPO Consultancy that operate in varying sectors such as the automotive, life sciences and FinTech industry. Philippe has experience with GDPR implementation projects, managing data breaches and advising clients on how to maneuver around GDPR pitfalls. Dounia Skalli LL.M, CIPP/E, CIP/T has been working as a certified data privacy professional at DPO Consultancy since March 2019. She studied the master Law and Technology at Tilburg University, in which privacy was as substantial part of the master program. She has been working in several roles, such as Data Protection Officer (DPO), Privacy Officer and Trainer for a variety of clients in different industries, like the automotive, government and life sciences industry around the globe. Dounia is experienced with managing privacy governance activities, such as managing the records of processing activities, conducting data protection impact assessments, and to provide training to increase knowledge and awareness within organizations. Registration Secure your place by registering here.

DAPSI final event #2 is bringing you 14 cutting-edge solutions!

If you’re interested in new solutions to the challenges of data portability, sovereignty, transparency, compatibility and interoperability, you can’t miss DAPSI final event #2! Mark on your calendar: DAPSI Innovation Showcase will take place on February 2nd from 10 am to 1 pm CET. The event will be opened by Jean-Luc Dorel, NGI Programme Officer at European Commission and host Karolina Mojzesowicz, Deputy Head of Unit Data Protection at European Commission, as keynote speaker. Then, the 2nd cohort of the DAPSI supporting programme will present the 14 winning DAPSI projects, moderated by Miguel Gonçalves, EU projects manager, F6S: CoCEM: Cloud computing enables seamless data access across multiple devices, collaborative work and centralized data storage. CryptPad: CryptPad is built to enable collaboration while keeping data private DASI Breaker: DASI Breaker is a semantic open interoperability solution to break down data silos and enable the development of data portability applications and services with native support for RDF and SPARQL EPPD: The EPPD project will research relevant criteria for comparing e-mail providers for use with Delta Chat apps. iDISS: this project is to enhance data portability of standards for any structured data (XML) by providing tooling and methodology to the standardization groups Maemo Leste: Maemo Leste aims to provide a free and open source “Maemo” experience on mobile phones and tablets. MyEnergy.ai: Personal energy data service portability and innovation platform Orvium: Orvium is an open access and multidisciplinary publishing platform for scientific and academic publications. PDS migrator: PDS migrator aims to make it very easy to move your data between providers PostmarketOS: PostmarketOS replaces the operating system on many Android and Linux-powered smartphones and tablets, giving them new life long after manufacturers have stopped supporting them Rulebook: The rulebook is an open-source API that will interact with those open legal objects to build the contract...

DAPSI OPEN CALL #3 WEBINAR#2 | GDPR Data Portability: The Forgotten Right?

DAPSI OPEN CALL #3 WEBINAR#2 | GDPR DATA PORTABILITY: THE FORGOTTEN RIGHT? The right to data portability was considered one of the most important novelties within the EU General Data Protection Regulation. An opportunity to give the power of personal data back to people’s hands and fuel competition. But users still demand more practicality associated with the rules. Experts and innovators in the field, with different perspectives, will discuss the challenges associated with data portability applicability. On Wednesday, 3 November 2021 at 10:30 am CET, DAPSI will bring to the spotlight experts and innovators in the data portability field, to discuss the challenges associated with data portability applicability. This will be a great opportunity to learn more about DAPSI Open Call 3, while also getting inspiration for your application to the programme. Agenda 10:30 am - Webinar Opening 10:31 am - Welcome Words | Najmehsadat Mousavinezhad (Fraunhofer IAIS) 10:35 am - Keynote Speech Findings from the research report GDPR Data Portability - The Forgotten Right | Mehdi Medjaoui (ALIAS) 10:50 am - Panel Discussion What are the main challenges associated with the applicability of the data portability right? How the tech community can contribute to solve those challenges? Beyond the tech community, what other players could do to make human-centric data portability go mainstream? | Najmehsadat Mousavinezhad (Fraunhofer IAIS), Mehdi Medjaoui (ALIAS), Viivi Lähteenoja (MyData), Alban Schmutz (CISPE), Michiel de Jong (Ponder Source), Ruth Janal(University of Bayreuth) 11:50 am - Presentation of the DAPSI Open Call | Sara Mateo (Zabala) 12:00 pm - Webinar Closure | Najmehsadat Mousavinezhad (Fraunhofer IAIS)   Reserve your seat via F6S now. This is the link to reserve your seat via F6S: https://www.f6s.com/gdpr-data-portability-the-forgotten-right-dapsi-talk   JOIN US! You can access the webinar through this link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/84827924934 Did you miss this webinar? You can watch the recording right here:

DAPSI OPEN CALL #3 WEBINAR#1 | Guide for applicants

DAPSI OPEN CALL #3 WEBINAR#1 | GUIDE FOR APPLICANTS We are pleased to invite you to our first Open Call 3 webinar – this will be a great opportunity to learn more about the Data Portability and Services Incubator, the application process, evaluation criteria, and programme details. The team will be ready to answer all your queries. You can ask us anything! The webinar will be on Wednesday, 13 October @ 04:00 pm (CEST). Some topics we’ll cover : What is DAPSI Which are the data portability challenges What is in it for you Support services How to apply These and many more questions will be addressed during our webinar! Reserve your seat via F6S now. This is the link to reserve your seat via F6S: https://www.f6s.com/dapsi-open-call-3-webinar-1-guide-for-applicants JOIN US! You can access the webinar through this link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/81350204936 Did you miss this webinar? We have good news for you! You can watch the recording right here:

Live from 4YFN: Žiga Drev from Trace Labs shares his insights

4 Years From Now (4YFN) is the place for startups worldwide to be these days. But if you can’t be there, don’t worry: DAPSI innovators are! Žiga Drev, Founder & Managing Director of Trace Labs - OriginTrail core developers (OpenPKG project), shared with us the trends that surprised him the most at this event, as well as his expectations regarding the future of the data portability field. Žiga Drev, Founder & Managing Director of Trace Labs - OriginTrail core developers What led you to attend the 4YFN event? Our company - Trace Labs - is the core developer of an open and inclusive OriginTrail Decentralised Knowledge Graph, which enables trusted knowledge exchange between organisations and individuals alike, achieving data portability, transparency and trust. We are building a global network of stakeholders in the OriginTrail ecosystem and we see the 4YFN event as an excellent opportunity to increase awareness about our technology, that is already being used by leading global organisations in supply chains, transportation, retail, pharmaceuticals and elsewhere.   How can this participation contribute to the development of your solution? We are looking to establish collaboration both with companies that seek benefits leapfrogging value creation from their data by using OriginTrail as a middleware for trusted knowledge exchange, and for creating value through the network effect. Moreover, we seek to empower developers to use the open-source OriginTrail protocol to further the capabilities of their applications or services.   What trends have you seen in this event that surprised you the most? I’m positively surprised by the steady advancement of usage of blockchain-based technology in the mainstream industries, a lot of times far away from the “hype” conversations or the public eye. These technological pillars, among which we can find OriginTrail Decentralised Knowledge Graph, are quickly becoming the ubiquitous trust foundation for many of the key fields of...

4 Years From Now (4YFN): here we go!

After a long wait, we are getting back to the physical events! And we couldn’t (re)start better: heading to Barcelona for the 4YFN (4 Years From Now) event. 4YFN is known as the world's most influential startup platform. So, this will be a brilliant opportunity, not only to promote the upcoming third and last DAPSI’s Open Call, but also to highlight the work developed by the teams already supported by DAPSI, in the data portability field. And that’s exactly what we have planned to present you. On June 30th and July 1st: Join DAPSI’s coordinator Sara Mateo at Zabala’s stand to know more DAPSI’s programme opportunities: Hall 2 Stand 2D4B Find out more about OpenPKG project (Open Provenance Knowledge Graph) at Trace Labs stand: Hall 2 Stand 2D4.1B Learn more about Rulebook project (Human-centric Legal Infrastructure for Data Portability) at Visions stand: Hall 2 Stand 2D4.2B This will also be a great opportunity to know more about two other DAPSI’s projects that will be visiting the event: EPPD project (Delta Chat E-mail Provider Portability Directory), through Merlinux GmbH, and Maemo Leste (A free and open source mobile experience). We’ve talked with Sara Mateo to find out more about what to expect!   Sara Mateo, DAPSI Coordinator Why has DAPSI chosen this event to showcase its teams and what have they been provided with for this event? 4YFN is one of the reference events for startups worldwide so it is the best scenario for our DAPSI projects to gain visibility and make promising connections with the ecosystem. Unfortunately, it was not held last year but it was a successful meeting point for innovators and investors in previous editions. In 2019, 3k startups attended, 950 investors, 23k attendees and €43 Billion Funds were Engaged. This is also one of the first physical events for a long time and we are all looking forward to...

The Web after the Platforms DAPSI FINAL EVENT

What is at stake with Interoperability? Standards have been defined to build a different web, to give back control of data usage to actors, to maintain control of industrial data and to allow for fair competition conditions. However, these opportunities are not well known by the entrepreneurs who are likely to seize them, support them and leverage their potential, neither by the public actors likely to encourage them, nor, more widely, by citizens. This event proposes to discuss the implications of these changes based on the input from various use cases. How do businesses boost or strengthen their market access? How can these standards be used as a weapon of European digital fairness? What changes can be made to the rules for managing personal data? What kind of legal frameworks should be built? How can we educate citizens and actors to manage their data? Finally, how will these transformations affect the organization of businesses and institutions? We will explore all these issues by mobilising European experts and stakeholders of these topics. We will also shed light on the seven winning projects of the European challenge DAPSI (Data Portability & Services Incubator) proposed by the European initiative NGI (Next Generation Internet - funded by the European Union in the framework of the H2020 programme). The conference is a 100% digital event. It is addressed to all European stakeholders in digital innovation (large companies, public actors, academics, innovative start-ups & SMEs, representatives of associations and civil society and journalists, etc.). It will be held in English and French. Simultaneous translation will be available. This event is the kick-off of a cycle of four digital webinars that will focus on different sectoral use cases, to be organized in 2021. THE AGENDA Morning (09:45-12:00): Interoperability as a means for rebuilding the web, with Gilles Babinet (co-Chairman at French Digital National Council...

NGI Forum: How to make data portability go mainstream?

The right to data portability was considered one of the most important novelties within the EU General Data Protection Regulation. This is an opportunity to give the power of personal data back to people’s hand and fuel competition. But users still demand more practicality associated with the rules. On May 18th 14:00 CET DAPSI will present at the NGI Forum a workshop about “How to make data portability go mainstream?”. Five experts and innovators in the field will be sharing their insights.Moderator:Michiel de Jong (Ponder Source) (DAPSI’s Advisory Board Member)Speakers: Alejandro Russo (Dpella project) Tom Haegemans (UI-Transfer project) Hans-Joerg (OpenXPort project)Mehdi Medjaoui (ALIAS project)You can check the NGI Forum 2021 complete agenda and register for free here.Did you miss this workshop?We have good news for you! You can watch the recording right here: https://youtu.be/eqK2ueGytTo