Live from 4YFN: Žiga Drev from Trace Labs shares his insights

4 Years From Now (4YFN) is the place for startups worldwide to be these days. But if you can’t be there, don’t worry: DAPSI innovators are! Žiga Drev, Founder & Managing Director of Trace Labs – OriginTrail core developers (OpenPKG project), shared with us the trends that surprised him the most at this event, as well as his expectations regarding the future of the data portability field.

Žiga Drev, Founder & Managing Director of Trace Labs – OriginTrail core developers

What led you to attend the 4YFN event?

Our company – Trace Labs – is the core developer of an open and inclusive OriginTrail Decentralised Knowledge Graph, which enables trusted knowledge exchange between organisations and individuals alike, achieving data portability, transparency and trust. We are building a global network of stakeholders in the OriginTrail ecosystem and we see the 4YFN event as an excellent opportunity to increase awareness about our technology, that is already being used by leading global organisations in supply chains, transportation, retail, pharmaceuticals and elsewhere.


How can this participation contribute to the development of your solution?

We are looking to establish collaboration both with companies that seek benefits leapfrogging value creation from their data by using OriginTrail as a middleware for trusted knowledge exchange, and for creating value through the network effect. Moreover, we seek to empower developers to use the open-source OriginTrail protocol to further the capabilities of their applications or services.


What trends have you seen in this event that surprised you the most?

I’m positively surprised by the steady advancement of usage of blockchain-based technology in the mainstream industries, a lot of times far away from the “hype” conversations or the public eye. These technological pillars, among which we can find OriginTrail Decentralised Knowledge Graph, are quickly becoming the ubiquitous trust foundation for many of the key fields of human existence – from finance, identities to global trade.


In your opinion, what can we expect in the data portability field 4 Years From Now?

It will become increasingly more important to transform the way we generate value from data, from monopolist and vendor lock-in positions to open and privacy-by-design methodologies. Combining semantic interoperability, self-sovereign identity approach and trust-enabling technologies for data at scale, such as the OriginTrail Decentralised Knowledge Graph, we can enable a more fair and accelerated value creation. At Trace Labs, we work relentlessly to enable a growing shared knowledge through human-centric, trust enhancing technology, together with our partners including the NGI DAPSI and partners in that consortium, like Zabala.