NGI Forum: How to make data portability go mainstream?

The right to data portability was considered one of the most important novelties within the EU General Data Protection Regulation.

This is an opportunity to give the power of personal data back to people’s hand and fuel competition. But users still demand more practicality associated with the rules.

On May 18th 14:00 CET DAPSI will present at the NGI Forum a workshop about “How to make data portability go mainstream?”. Five experts and innovators in the field will be sharing their insights.


Michiel de Jong

(Ponder Source) (DAPSI’s Advisory Board Member)


Alejandro Russo

(Dpella project)

Tom Haegemans

(UI-Transfer project)


(OpenXPort project)

Mehdi Medjaoui

(ALIAS project)

You can check the NGI Forum 2021 complete agenda and register for free here.

Did you miss this workshop?

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