Interview: Meet LiberaForms

Meet LiberaForms – Free form software that respect the digital rights of the people who use it. Learn more from this interview with Chris Fanning.

Can you briefly introduce yourself and your team?

We are a small group of people concerned about and happy to provide solutions that attend to data sovereignty and in particular, on-line forms.

What is your motivation to work in the data portability field?

Too often as individuals and as a team we must confront difficulties accessing data, and digital services in general. We are Free software advocates and believe that open standards felicitate data portability.

In simple words, what challenges does your project address?

LiberaForms aims to help keep people’s data out of the hands of greedy surveillance capitalism. This may seem a mammoth undertaking but in reality it is simply a question of ‘doing’ instead of just ‘talking’ about our concerns. As LiberaForms becomes more mature, and therefore a real viable option, our main challenge is uptake.

What solution are you developing?

We first conceived LiberaForms when neighbors in our part of Barcelona needed a reliable way to solicit support for their local initiate. Over the summer holidays of 2019 we coded the basics to enable the easy creation of on-line forms. Since then more and more people are becoming interested in the software and we have gladly continued to develop it.

What are the next steps?

Continue development, continue defining and building our road to project sustainability, make our client base grow, incorporate new software functionality, strengthen the team.