Three years of NGI DAPSI through the eyes of the Project coordinator

We talked with Sara Mateo, NGI DAPSI Project coordinator, who took look back at the past 3 years of the project. Here’s what we found out.

After 3 years, the NGI DAPSI project is coming to an end. As Project coordinator, what is your assessment of the project and what were its main achievements?

It has been a long period of hard work to deliver an excellent programme and the best selection of projects to be supported.

I would remark the effort done for the first of our three calls as we designed the methodology and approach from the beginning in a context of uncertainty due to the pandemic. We had to increase our dedication to guarantee the good quality in a virtual format and I think we did it!

We have successfully supported 46 projects and more than 70 third parties involved in them with funding and mentoring activities and their feedback and satisfaction have been very positive.

During the projects lifetime’s, 46 teams and their data portability solutions were supported by NGI DAPSI. Having seen so many innovative solutions, what surprised you the most?

Even if some of the DAPSI beneficiaries came from a very scientific background, they have been able to grow a lot: establishing a company, signing important collaboration agreements with their target customers or rising investment rounds in few months.

Thus, we consider that in some cases DAPSI has been the first step in a promising future adventure exploiting the potential of Data Portability technologies.

NGI DAPSI tackled the challenge of developing interoperable solutions that enable data portability. How do you evaluate DAPSI’s contribution to the data portability field?

I think that our contribution is relevant as through the different open calls we have promoted and guided the applicants to propose open-source solutions. There is a great variety of technologies funded by DAPSI, available for the whole community to continue the progress around Data and Services Portability.

What were the main benefits for Zabala Innovation Consulting to participate in NGI DAPSI?

During more than three years we have built and consolidated a strong network of partners and experts in data portability. We have a community of deep tech companies and researchers to explore future projects and collaborations that can bring the human centric internet to the next level with the application of the technology in pilots in relevant domains.