Calling all internet innovators

Develop technology solutions and services in the Data Portability field

Address the following domains

Data transparency
Data Transparency
for more transparent personal data storage and a more fine-grained data transfer
Data Compatibility and Interoperability
Data Compatibility and Interoperability
to facilitate switches between service providers
Security & Privacy
Security & Privacy
of consumers when their personal data are transferred from one provider to another
Other topic
Other topics
to solve relevant challenges in the data portability and services field

What’s in it for you*

Free equity funding
Free-Equity Funding

Up to 150k€* per team:
100.000€ for the Kick-start phase
50.000€ for the Booster phase

* Applicants participating as natural persons will get a maximum of 37,5k€ for one individual and 75k€ for groups of two or more individuals. Legal entities could obtain up to 150k€.

Data Related Services
Data Related Services

Coaching and continuous follow up
On-site & online tutorials

Big Data Processing

Semantic Web

International Data Space

Legal Certification of GDPR

Machine Learning Foundations

Access to Top Infrastructure

FIWARE Lab Infrastructure

OpenStack-based cloud environment

Rich set of open standard APIs to process and analyse Big Data and real-time media

Open source software tech

Generic Enablers

Business Support
Business Support

Business coaching
On-site & online training

Developing Costumer Personas

Value Proposition

Product Positioning

Lean Startup

Testing business ideas


Visibility & Promotion
Visibility & Promotion

Community building with industry and investors

Media promotion

Access to top events

* Please note that the catalogue of data related services and business support activities may be subject to change according to projects’ needs and based on consortium decision

DAPSI offers a total of EUR 5,6M in equity-free funding in three open calls to internet innovators to develop technology solutions and services in the Data Portability field. You will participate in a 2-stage programme. Each selected project can receive a cash investment up to €150.000*, tailored technical and business resources, access to top infrastructure and much more!

Participate in a highly qualified ecosystem to develop and validate a Data Portability technology solution and/or service.

Around 15 projects will be funded and supported in the first open call, with up to €150,000* (€100k* at the Kick-start phase + additional €50k* for the Booster phase) for the best use cases.

During the programme DAPSI consortium will provide the logic and vision, the necessary technical support, as well as coaching and mentoring to the participants, where only the best ones will progress to the Booster phase.

* Depending on the applicant typology. This amount will be limited in the case of individuals applying as natural persons.


Open call: Hassle-free application experience, to express your experience, interests and ideas.

Period of time: From 20 February 2020 to 22 April 2020 at 12:00 (noon) CEST


You will define and develop a proof-of-concept related to your proposed use case. You will get technical and business training and access to FIWARE Lab infrastructure. At the end of the phase, you will attend an event where DAPSI projects will present their proof-of-concept results. During the event you will compete in a “Demolition Pitch”, which will select the top 10 projects progressing to the Booster phase.

Period of time: 5 months | Funding: Up to €100.000*

* Natural persons will get a maximum of €25k for one individual and €50k for groups of two or more individuals. Legal entities could obtain up to €100k.


You will work on your use case in more detail and develop an MVP (Minimum Viable Product or service). In this process, you will get access to a higher level of infrastructure and be supported with a pack of technical and business-related services that will facilitate your success, undermining the skill gaps and address weaknesses. The service-pack will be tailored according to your needs. You will promote your solution, network and find deployment and market opportunities.

Period of time: 4 months | Funding: Up to €50.000*

* Natural persons will get a maximum of €12,5k for one individual and €25k for groups of two or more individuals. Legal entities could obtain up to €50k.


Natural person(s)

one or more individuals (team)

established in any eligible country (See Guidelines for applicants, section 2.2). This does not consider the country of origin but the residence permit.

Legal entity

one or more entities (consortium)

established in an eligible country (See Guidelines for applicants, section 2.2).

Any combination of the previous

Individuals, universities, research centres, NGOs, foundations, micro, small and medium-sized enterprises working on internet or/and other related technologies are eligible. Only large enterprises are excluded to participate (see definition of SME according to the Commission Recommendation 2003/361/EC).

It is highly recommended to use Free and Open Source Licenses (i.e. Open Source Hardware and Free and Open Source Software) and Open Standards. If not, it should be duly justified.



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